Sam Limmer

Sam Limmer is a big lump of weirdness that plopped into the world in the middle of the morning at the end of August, which sounds like it could be the beginning of an indie film.

Most of the time she goes through life whimsically pretending that there's an old school Belle and Sebastian track playing behind her as an old man gives dry narration about her various good qualities. She thought she was a manic pixie dream girl for awhile before she gave that up and now prefers writing science fiction books, drinking boxed wine while she watches movies in the theatre, and accepting compliments for how well her fake succulents are growing.

Sam is very bad at relaxing, so of course she supported the idea to professionally produce and distribute something that people typically do for fun in private. She plays female characters who are Just Too Much in RPG’s, which makes her very happy.

You can find her on the Internet @thatsamface, and if you happen to be a book agent looking for diverse female-lead scifi, please slide into her DM’s.


When Catmint was a sproutling, she was grown in the center of town. All the gossip and chitchat wormed into her roots, and when she finally unearthed, she was the most talkative Wilden that the village of Hibiscus had ever seen. Catmint found a very large family and quickly learned to sail the inlets of the archipelago, ferrying goods across the islands on her small craft, all the while dreaming of setting the ship to sail through the sky.

One day when she was diving for pearls, she encountered a large bubble underwater and couldn't resist investigating. Lo and behold, there was a nasty witch inside who asked Catmint’s deepest wish. “To be a pilot!” Catmint answered, and to her dismay the witch cast an evil curse upon her, so Catmint did what any sane person would do--she ran to complain to her grandma, the Village Elder.

Halfway to the hut, Catmint felt a surge of magic rise up her her, and in a burst, she turned her hair into blue feathers and made three people float up into the sky. Catmint knew that the terrible Bubble Witch must have done this, and she couldn't bear being a magical nuisance to her village, so she snuck aboard a boat headed for Bastion, ready to seek vengeance upon the witch who cursed her!