Nick Singer

Nick Singer is the current DM for Experience & Gold as well as the usual DM for the crew when they aren’t recording.

He grew up in a small town in Wisconsin where there wasn’t much to do. Like most kids in small towns without much to do, he and his friends became enamored with tabletop RPGs.

As an “adult,” Nick managed to find a good use for his English Degree and now freelances in the industry as a side job, writing rulebooks for tabletop games. (His main job is working for an escape room company designing new games and puzzles and talking to business-y people at fancy breakfasts).

This isn’t Nick’s first time running a campaign set to music. He created this setting a few years back and ran the campaign for his players and it was HELLA DOPE. Cut to late 2016, when Nick asked the group, “If I ran another music campaign, would you guys be interested?” The answer was a resounding, “HELL YEAH NICK LET’S DO THIS.” This was the start to Nick’s goal of roping them all into recording a podcast with him. Somehow, it worked.

Away from the table, Nick’s hobbies include video games, poetry, cooking, his beard, and beer. Any and all beer recommendations are welcome.

Nick would like to thank each and every listener for giving his campaign a chance and continuing to come back and listen to every new episode. He never actually imagined that people would want to listen to his dumb character voices, his sometimes-complex plot, or his particularly nasally voice. But here we are.

You can find him on the twitter @TheNewDM where he is not nearly as funny as he thinks he is.

Dungeon Master

Nick is the dungeon master of this campaign. We should just put a dungeon master description here.



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