Keith Diedrick

Many have wondered where the world started going wrong but have no answers, while others firmly believe that the downward trend began in the year 1990. Completely unrelated to this (he swears), Keith was born that year in a tiny little hospital in a tiny little town in Wisconsin and first chanced across a Dungeons and Dragons group in high school, but once that group disbanded he wasn’t able to find another and forgot about D&D after a while.

That is, until by chance he happened to end up living in an apartment next door this loser named Nick Singer, and they became friends in a very Kramer/Seinfeld situation. Soon, Keith’s apartment became the center for Dungeons and Dragons, Board Games, and general tomfoolery as he had an old table in his kitchen. Unfortunately he graduated, moved out, and got a job - though would still join for the ongoing campaign - before moving on to a Linguistics Master’s Degree program in California.

Currently living in Southern California, Keith maintains that it’s because of him that the podcast happened, as his distance from the rest of the group necessitated use of video chat. It was only a little leap from there to record it, and the ball never stopped rolling.

Currently working in IT and moving into software development, Keith is also behind a lot of the extra-technical aspects of the show such as this website and initial editing, though everyone has a share in production and development of the episodes. He would like to invite you to send any comments or questions about the website, himself, or Pariah his way by clicking on that Contact link up above. You can also get in contact with the rest of the cast that way, but they’re not quite as important, right?

He is currently the voice of Pariah, the cowboy robot with a sword and a gun, read more about Pariah below!


Once Keith finds-


...finishes Pariah's bio, it will go here!