Connor Grayson

On a cold February morning in the middle of a blizzard, the god of snow and cold blessed the world with a child, they hoped this child would grow into the power bestowed upon him and become the new Winter Monarch...

...Unfortunately the child instead grew up to be an actor, gamer and podscaster. As you may have guessed, that child was Connor Grayson.

Connor was born in Minnesota and grew up in Wisconsin. While attending college, a chance encounter with some freak named Nick led to the formation of a great friendship and an even greater D&D game.

Currently working as a full time substitute teacher and part time acting teacher, Connor has a passion for the theatrical and intends to bring that passion to the table and by extension to your ears. Whether or not he succeeds is yet to be determined.

The legends say that it was Connor's idea to record our sequel to that college game, and while the world may never know the whole truth, Connor will defend that assertion to his dying breath.


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